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Muhammad Imran
5 min readJun 6, 2021


The sea. The most melancholy and nostalgic place. I would like to work at sea because of my nature. At least I’m not afraid of water. Oh well. But that’s not a problem. We have come to the list of the most nostalgic ships for you. I don’t think anyone likes lists like sailors. Let’s see which ships have been seen by the most generations of sailors. Long-lived ships. Set sail!

We will begin with far-off Brazil with its4660 miles of coastline to open our list. The long-lived Brazilian San Paulo is a Clemenceau-class aircraft carrier which recently was entered into the top 10 largest and most powerful ships in the world. But as you can hear from the name, this air-craft carrier isn’t Brazilian at all! How did this happen? Clemenceau is a couple of aircraft carriers that served in the French navy from 1961 to 2000 and one of them is currently actively serving in the Brazilian navy, the San Paulo.

Brazil bought it for 12 million dollars. The same cost as the most expensive bus in the world. It’s a great deal, I think! But it’s not all sunshine and roses. In actuality, the Brazilians bought a bunch of metal since the constant modernizations and repairs were extremely expensive and in 2020, this aircraft carrier is to be turned into a museum. They bought an exhibit for 12 million dollars. But it could also be a great carnival site!

Let’s continue with the most powerful ships in the history of the Russian navy, the Orlan cruisers. This series of 4 highly autonomous heavy nuclear missile cruisers were built in the Baltic Factory for the Soviet navy. Since their implementation in 1980 up until and including today, these missiles cruisers are still the largest in the world. Well, it certainly seems the arms race between Russia and the US is long past us since these powerful cruisers were launched 40 years ago. Only two of them remain in service. “PetrVeliky” and the “Admiral Nakhimov” that underwent modernization were put into service in 1998and 1988, respectively. The Nakhimov, that can stop the entire NATO navy according to Russians, has been in repairs for more time than it’s been in use.

The Nakhimov went in for modernization in 1999. But they only began in 2013 and are planned to finish in 2022. The only thing likely to remain from the former Nakhimov is the “box” and the cruiser will be remade until its unrecognizable. We’ll see it in a year or maybe two. We’ll just wait and see. We have no role to play either way.

Now, let’s go look at the oldest military ship in the US navy that turned 50 years old last year, the LCC 19 Blue Ridge. It set sail on November 14, 1970. This flagship in the 7th navy has seen many things from the Vietnam War to the earthquakes in Japan in 2011. It’s expected to serve until 2039.Meaning in 2039 it’ll have been the flagship for almost 70 years?

Most people that reach that age are only flagships of blood pressure. But we’ll still be alive, won’t we? I’ve already got a couple of decades under my belt. The French have used a very interesting approaching the functionality of their old ships. The French nuclear submarine that was seriously damaged by a fire last year was saved from the scrapyard. It was cut in half and they welded the useable half onto another out-of-service submarine. According to the French Ministry of Defense, the intense 14-hour fire in the Perle strike submarine resulted in the front part of the ship being unusable. It had structural damage in steel components that weren’t fixable.

But the 240-foot back half of the submarine with its 2600 tons of water displacement weren’t damaged in the fire in the wharf in Toulon in southern France. Luckily for the French navy, one of the Perl daughter ships, the Saphir, was taken out of use in 2019 and was expecting demolition in the north-west port of Cherbourg. The front half of the Saphir was made durably, and French officials decided to combine it with the back half of the Perle resulting in one fixed strike submarine. It’s a kind of military Frankenstein. It’s very suitable name. Also, we can’t forget to mention the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, the only active aircraft carrier in the French navy and the first above-water nuclear powered French ship. It was launched in 1994. It will be in service until 2038 when a new flagship is planned to be used.

We’ll start by saying this aircraft carrier isn’t very lucky. It was put into service only in 2000 and during its first long mission, its left rudder broke. It was then fixed because of loud noises in the right rudder. Then there were problems with the nuclear engine and last year half of the ship got sick with covid. It’s not odd that military operations with this ship are few and far between. I better understand armies now that still have active chaplains. God’s aid is definitely needed in some areas. Continuous Reading…