Slight dieting and cholesterol breakdown

Cholesterol is not bad for health

Not all fats are bad for health. Our body is a machine and it needs fuel. Fats serve as fuel for our body but the condition is that fats are healthy (e.g., oil obtained from fruits)., Olive, mustard, and sunflower oil).

Cholesterol is a natural fat that is used in many important functions of the body.

Cholesterol helps build cell walls, making hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and serotonin. Not only does it restore immunity but it also keeps the brain active.

Other factors associated with cholesterol

  • ۔ Laziness and laziness
  • ۔ Diabetes
  • ۔ Obesity
  • ۔ Smoking
  • ۔ Hereditary heart diseases
  • ۔ High blood pressure
  • ۔ Premature menopause in women

Diet is also important

The British Heart Foundation says diet and lifestyle changes can help prevent premature deaths (before 65 years). although the number of deaths from heart disease has dropped over the past decade. However, despite this, 225,000 people die every year, although, with a little effort, the death rate can be further reduced.

Eating whole foods is not the only way to get nutrition 80% of us to think that eating poultry will be healthy now but such foods are only a way to get fat and also increase cholesterol and weight. We can have positive results by avoiding many habits and foods.

1. The fat in animal meat causes the highest cholesterol, so the part of the meat that has fat on it should not be used.

2۔ Meat and fish should not be cooked in too much oil.

3۔ Frozen foods and canned foods contain trans fat, which is actually saturated fat, which is harmful to health.

4۔ Butter, burgers, sausage, coconut oil, sweeteners, and refined carbohydrates (flour without husk) increase insulin as well as triglyceride fat.

5۔ Avoid eating potato chips and fried foods (fritters and samosas)

6. Animal meat should be used sparingly. (Liver, Kidney, and Brain) Cholesterol is rich, and should not be eaten.

7۔ Egg yolks should not be used more than four times a week

8۔ Snacks should not fill the stomach

9۔ Cholesterol and blood pressure go hand in hand and smoking raises both levels and also causes lung cancer.

10- Breakfast and fried foods — sweet drinks and cold water should be avoided.

11۔ Fat is like a ghost and ghost to our hearts which can sometimes be fatal. Eat and go to work)

12۔ Excess salt can be harmful to the heart and can also cause gastric cancer, so salt should be used sparingly.

13۔ Mayonnaise and butter sandwiches should not be used too often

14۔ People with a family history of heart disease should have regular check-ups, especially cholesterol levels.

15۔ Milk and yogurt mixed with cholesterol are also harmful to the kidneys so they should be avoided.

16۔ Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about food. C is necessary to win the battle with cholesterol.

17۔ Bakery products (biscuits, patties, and cakes) are high in butter, so they should be used sparingly as a snack and snack.

18۔ Prawns and shrimps also increase cholesterol

Instead of cooking deep-fried food, make grilling, barbecue, and shallow fried food and use nonstick dishes.

19۔ Oil and margarine should be stopped.

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